5 Tips For Being Less Forgetful

‘Shit, I forgot’, should totally be my middle name. Appointments, meetings, dates, names, keys, money, cards – the list of things I forget on a daily basis is never ending. I’m so forgetful that once, I forgot to buy my sister a birthday card. She’s my twin FFS.

So if you are like me and could easily forget your own name – here are some practical things you can do to make your brain less sieve-like.


Keep A Diary

Nope, not a pretty Paperchase one that you’ll forget to write in approximately 6 days in January (LOL, yep already done that), but one on an electronic device that can buzz, beep and bollock you into not forgetting whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing.

I’ve recently started using Google Calendar and spent many a fun minute colour coding my upcoming events and putting them all in one place.

Now I just need to find a way to get it on my phone so that my trusty iPhone can scream at me each day to remember what it is I was about to forget.

Get Some Sleep

I find I am most forgetful when I’m knackered and lacking in quality sleep.

Being tired fogs your brain (medical term I’m sure) and makes it less alert.

If, like me, you’re constantly juggling a million and one thoughts and have a gabillion things on your to-do list, a tired mind switches off of them completely.

So get as much sleep as you can. Maybe even check your calendar or lists before bed so you know exactly what your next day entails.

Write Lists

Apps like Trello and this handy little dude I’m currently writing on (Apple Notes) are really easy to refer back to when you need to remember something.

I like to keep different lists for different things I need to remember such as: personal errands, blog posts, emails I need to reply to or things I need to pick up from Co-Op that aren’t Diet Coke.


Don’t Stress

Often worrying about all of the balls you have to juggle ends up with you dropping them all out of sheer overwhelmingnessment.

Each day, read your lists, look at your calendars and tick things off as you’ve done them or remembered them so that you’re always on top of things.

Feeling stressed about all of the things I need to remember will often make me more likely to forget them. So take a step back, switch off and let your brain work its magic.

Do One Thing At A Time

When I have a million and one things on my plate, each as important as the other, it’s likely that something will fall out of my brain and travel down, down, down to Forgetville.

So when this is the case, I make sure to look at my Calendar and see what needs to be done as a priority, time-wise and do each of those one by one.

I will also look at my to-do lists and asterix them in order of priority and will then just try and tackle each, one at a time.

There we have my 5 tips for being less forgetful, but LOL I’ve probably forgotten some – please tweet me or message me on Insta with any tips you may have!


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