Abortion Is A Good Thing. Really.

Vix xxx

  1. North

    June 22nd, 2018 at 03:34

    Such an important discussion and just another example of the ignorance surrounding women’s healthcare. I think, regardless of anyone’s opinion on abortion itself, it is absolutely inhumane to deny a safe procedure to any woman. The lengths some women are having to go to as a result of policy in their country is really frightening. Actually, the policy on, and attitude toward, abortion in supposedly developed countries is nothing short of abhorrent.

    Personally, I have no idea what I’d do in that situation but I know the last thing I’d be needing is judgement and bullshit from anyone else. Also, I love How to Be a Woman (and Caitlin Moran in general) and that chapter on abortion was really eye-opening for me; I’ve always been pro-choice but I’d never heard a story like that before, so I’m so glad she shared!


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