Being Cheated On Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

Vix xxx

  1. Teresa

    October 11th, 2018 at 07:59

    My heart literally broke AGAIN when reading this: And then it came… “I’ve been seeing him for 4 months. I’m so sorry.”– Becky

    Took me back… big time and with a gut-kicking feeling attached…again. When you’ve experienced that once the feeling never leaves you. It’s the most horrendous, most sickening and the most devastating feeling in existence. On top of taking me back it also made me think “What if that happened now??” I’d fucking die.

    Thank you for talking about this <3 We had the strength to tell those worthless bags of soiled air to fuck off but there are too many struggling to leave from abuse like that. I hope you talking about this will encourage people to take the action that needs to be taken! xx

    Teresa |

  2. Alice

    October 11th, 2018 at 19:10

    Man this hurt to read. I was the one on holiday when it happened to me and I remember the message I received plain as day, too. I remember the 10+ ignored phone calls and the venom filled texts I sent. I remember all the replies agreeing with all the things I said as if it would change a thing. I remember the extreme nausea I felt for weeks and the 10 lbs I dropped because it all just made me so ill. I remember the conversation we had a month afterwards at 4am both clearly intoxicated beyond reason.

    I also remember finding so many new friends that Summer. Joining a new band, doing gigs in London, getting home at 3am and starting work at 9 with a hangover but the biggest smile on my face. I remember finding my worth and owning it. I saw him again 3 months after it all happened. I had a panic attack, fell down a flight of stairs and fucked up my ankle completely. We both cried, talked it all through and remembering that I could walk away whenever the hell I wanted as I had 10x the strength this time round, I decided to give him another shot like you did.

    3 years later and he’s more than made up for the hurt he caused and I can’t imagine myself being with anyone else, ever. We are incredibly happy! Having someone betraying you in such a way is a life-changing thing and I will NEVER take shit like that from a man again. Sometimes I wonder what it was that made me give him another chance as the woman I am now wouldn’t go near him if the situation came about. If I ever so much suspected he was lying, about anything, I’d be out the door. But luckily I’m not in that position at all and I am extremely glad that I did give things another shot 🙂

    This was such a brave post to put out there and I’m so glad you decided to get out of it. Second chances are sometimes worth it but clearly not with this guy!

    Alice Xx

  3. Holly

    October 15th, 2018 at 08:11

    LOVE this post Vix! I can relate to so much of it xx

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