One of the questions I get asked the most, whenever I open up my Inbox for my Exciting Emails Clinic (sign up below the post and you can send in questions too!) is, ‘how can I monetise my blog?’ There are so many people, like us, out there, who LOVE making content, writing posts, taking […]


May 20, 2019

How Can I Monetise My Blog?Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money From Sponsored Posts

This weekend I’ve been hanging off of every word of Instagram influencers, Aja Barber and Rabya from She Flourished They have both used their platforms to discuss the state of the influencer industry and how it treats creators that come from minority groups. Rabya wrote a brilliant blog post, of which you should read here […]

Become A Full Time Blogger

May 13, 2019

How We Can All Do Our Bit To Make The Influencer Industry More Inclusive

As I begin my daily scroll through Pinterest, I’m met with graphic after graphic promising my life will change in just a few days if only I woke up, downed some lemon juice with cayenne pepper, prayed to the Sun god, sat in a sweat lodge and spent £64386386 to make the perfect green smoothie. […]


May 6, 2019

A Positive Morning Routine For The Cynic Within

I wake up at noon. Suckle golden milk from the fresh teet of an expensive coffee machine. I then take to my garden to perform some ‘early morning’ yoga ritual which immediately hydrates me and leaves my skin glowing. Then I answer 3 emails maximum at a time, go for a 4 hour business lunch […]

Become A Full Time Blogger

April 23, 2019

My First Year Freelance

(Player not available for this episode due to technical issues) One of the messages I hear from you over and over again is that you feel like the bloggershpere is oversaturated. That it’s ‘been there done that’ and that you’re worried that you have nothing original, new or extra to add, so you may as […]


April 18, 2019

Standing Out & Is The Bloggersphere Oversaturated?

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