This post includes mentions of our New York City Passes which were gifted from Planning a wedding and saving for a house meant that our trip to New York, in April needed to be as budget-friendly as possible. Here’s how we did 4 full days in New York whilst spending less than £100 a day. […]


June 3, 2019

Four Days In New York On A Budget

This post is sponsored by Bounty Milk Snacks. GOD TIER SNACK I AM TELLING YOU. Hands up if you’re like me… ‘Ugh I have to pay my council tax tomorrow.’ ‘I have to go to the gym – I feel really unfit.’ ‘I have to stop ordering Deliveroos on my way home.’ ‘I’ll have to […]

Mental Health

May 31, 2019

How One Simple Mindset Shift Changed The Game [AD]

Episode 021 of the Exciting Emails Podcast is now live! You asked for an episode about how I structure my week as a ‘full time content’ creator and HERE IT IS. First I’m going to discuss how I PLAN my week out and them I’m going to tell you how my last 3 weeks PANNED […]


May 27, 2019

A Week In The Life Of A Full-Time Content Creator

One of the questions I get asked the most, whenever I open up my Inbox for my Exciting Emails Clinic (sign up below the post and you can send in questions too!) is, ‘how can I monetise my blog?’ There are so many people, like us, out there, who LOVE making content, writing posts, taking […]


May 20, 2019

How Can I Monetise My Blog?Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money From Sponsored Posts

This weekend I’ve been hanging off of every word of Instagram influencers, Aja Barber and Rabya from She Flourished They have both used their platforms to discuss the state of the influencer industry and how it treats creators that come from minority groups. Rabya wrote a brilliant blog post, of which you should read here […]

Become A Full Time Blogger

May 13, 2019

How We Can All Do Our Bit To Make The Influencer Industry More Inclusive

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