How You CAN Make A Difference To This Planet, Even If You’re Useless

Fuck my life, Blue Planet has knocked me hard. Has it done the same to you?

Whilst I sit there, gorging on a meaty Pizza, being endlessly delivered in cardboard boxes, drinking copious amounts of Diet Coke from my single-use plastic bottles with my non-energy saving lamp on, I really feel like saving the planet.

But them I remember I am bloody useless.

Sometimes I forget to recycle. Or leave the bathroom fan on too long after stinking it out with Veet. Sometimes I take plastic bags when my simple hands would suffice. Occasionally I leave my Macbook on Stand-By because shutting it down would mean I can’t mindlessly scroll Twitter.

And as I do, or neglect to do these things, I wonder if changing how I operate is really worth all of the hassle. Because really – by turning the tap off mid-face wash – am I really doing all that much?

Turns out I am.

As it also turns out, no matter how useless you are, there are some small ‘ethical’ changes you could make to work towards saving this gorgeous planet and those abnormally cute penguins and shit.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not writing this post a-top my lofty world-changing perch, I’m writing it as someone who is truly abysmal at being ethical but as someone who really really wants to feel like they’ve tried.

vix ethical changes planet

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Rewind back to 2015. I didn’t know what recycling was as I thought everything just got dumped together anyway.

There’s was no such thing as food wastage as I’d either stuff myself sick or think nothing of throwing stuff away.

Leaving the TV on night after night was a necessity for sleep – regardless of my parent’s energy bill.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to ethical living, I was bloody useless. It’s safe to say that even now I’m still a bit rubbish BUT I have recognised that I want to be less rubbish so have begun to make small changes.

I speak about this in my post on Ethical Influencing and how we can do our bit by being ethical in many ways if you fancy a read but also…

If, like me, you want to live more ethically but going full vegan seems way to hard, here are some things I do to make a change.

Carry A Canvas Bag

As a blogger, I am fortunate enough to receive tons of PR packages or goodie bags that come with canvas bags. That old cupboard in everyone’s houses that stores carrier bags? Mine now stores the canvas variety.

When I go to work or out anywhere, I roll one up and stick it in my bag – I then don’t ever need to use a plastic one. We’ve all seen Blue Planet and how those poor, defenceless Albatross regurgitate the plastic into their babies mouths – don’t let it be something you’ve used to carry tampons and avocados.

Coffee Cup To Keep

Hands up if you’re a fully formed demi-gorgon if you’ve neglected a morning coffee? Whereas I used to pick up a cup every morning – I now carry a permanent one that I hand over to the baristas each time. Some coffee shops even let you save money if you do this.

I would say that’s more money to spend in Primark but our growing consumption of fast clothes is hardly ethical – SEE, TOLD YOU, USELESS.

Switch Out Some Meat

TRUST ME. This gal grew up on one food group and one food group only – BEIGE. If it wasn’t bacon, sausage or any form of chicken it just wasn’t a meal.

I’ve watched Cowspiracy and What The Health and whilst I would really really really love to go vegan, I do enjoy food quite a lot and a lot of that enjoyment comes from my meaty favourites.

HOWEVER I have made some changes. I don’t eat meat for lunch EVER. Falafel wraps, quiches and pastas are where it’s at.

For dinner I will use a Quorn alternative where possible. Because the mince is better than beef and the chicken pieces can be easily soaked in a delicious sauce.

And those Linda McCartney sausages may taste slightly fake but once they’re dowsed in gravy and smushed up into a hug with their mash bae, you’d never know the difference.

Cutting Energy Usage

Anything I’m not immediately using gets turned off at the plug as soon as I am done. Again, not a huge help when the city of Las Vegas burns about 5747385 light bulbs a day but at least I feel good.

I try not to leave lamps on for ages or the TV on longer than necessary which is bloody hard when a 12 hour Netflix binge is ALWAYS NECESSARY, but y’know.

A couple of other things I could do are – cutting down my single-use plastic by not buying allll the Diet Cokes or insisting all my veg must be wrapped (there is a thing called washing). I could also buy a wooden toothbrush as those plastic bastards are a planet-killer and I could stop wasting all of my money on fast-fashion, but I’m taking it in baby-steps.

If you think you’d like to live more ethically but worry you’re not making a difference if you’re not going full vegan YOU ARE AND DON’T BE DISSUADED.

If anyone else is living a more ethical life in 2018, I’d love to hear your tips on how you’re doing!

vix ethical changes planet

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