Will 2019 be your year of personal development or another year of feeling crap about perceived failures over unrealistic resolutions you’ve set yourself? It’s that time of the year again. Social media is a total dumpster fire where people show themselves for the fatphobic, mental health ignorant and diet culture obsessed twats that they are. […]


December 30, 2018

New Year, Same Me

Wow 2018 was a TIME wasn’t it? It felt like at the exact same time, the world was falling apart just as we were all coming together. You’re either ending 2018, wishing these last few days would hurry tf up and disappear so you can firmly camp in front of your TV for Christmas showings […]


December 5, 2018

This Is How You Know 2019 Will Be Your Year

This post is part two of a sponsored post with Seven Seas but all reflections are my own. Read part one, here. WOAH HOLD UP, stop reading this post and make sure you’ve read part one first. That’s where I give you the low down on my collaboration with Seven Seas and the product that […]


November 26, 2018

Understanding My Skin With Seven Seas [AD]

This post is an advertorial for the Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal. I was invited to have my skin characteristics and condition measured, to then trial the product for 60 days and report on any improvements.  In this post, I’m discussing my feelings around ‘ageing’ and giving you a bit of an insight into the product. […]


October 25, 2018

Another Year Older [AD]

I’ve never been ‘fashionable’. I wore a pin stripe waistcoat and trousers to my prom. I don’t consider myself a ‘fashion blogger’ and my monthly affiliate income reports reinforce that only a very small amount of people reeeaaallly give a shit about what I’m wearing. But that is a small amount of people that wouldn’t […]


October 15, 2018

Our Influence On Fast Fashion