Avid Love Island viewer or not, you can’t have escaped the media shitstorm that has taken over our timelines and news desks these past 48 hours. The ITV2 show, which depicts ‘relationships’ between villa inhabitants, has come under fire for one of its contestants Adam’s treatment of his ‘partner’, Rosie. I wrote an article for […]

Personal Development, Sex & Relationships

June 21, 2018

Emotional Abuse: My Story Of A Relationship With An ‘Adam’

Recently, the Repeal Campaign achieved bodily autonomy and the right for women in the Republic of Ireland to choose what they want to do with their bodies in terms of pregnancy. That shit is important. And something to celebrate. Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash Now the attention has turned to our sisters in Northern […]

Personal Development

June 19, 2018

Abortion Is A Good Thing. Really.

Money. Success. Love. A beautiful home. Forever friends. The US Office back on Netflix. We live in a generation where everyone wants everything now. And I am no exception. Relationships If you’re single you’re often counting down the swipes til the next match, the minutes til the next date and the dates til it’s offish.  If […]

Personal Development

January 22, 2018

We All Want Everything Now

As The Guardian reports, our Government are insistent on wanking away our tax money on things we (the majority of sensible, feeling, UK adults) absolutely abhor. Like Boris’s hair cuts, Brexit and hand-sanitiser for every-time May has to shake hands with Trump. So why change the habit of a lifetime? Why not continue with plans […]

Personal Development

October 31, 2017

What The Tampon Tax SHOULD Be Spent On

‘Average white man in entitled comment shocker’ should’ve been the headline to Giles Coren’s extremely misguided column about work place ‘flirting’. It’s a tale as old as time. But it’s just a bit of fun! What’s the harm? Isn’t it flattering! A bit of office banter… Except it’s time that this tale was archived alongside […]

Personal Development

October 22, 2017

Why A Couple of xxs SHOULD End Your Career

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