What a fab excuse to have a catch up with you all is showing you my incredible new Thomas Sabo charm necklace and pendant! This is a sponsored post but let’s have a catch up SHALL WE. Wow I’ve really been lost in a haze of silly Love Island updates, launching a new site and […]


July 17, 2018

More Than Half Of The Year Has Passed: What’s Been Going On And What’s Next?

In my pursuit towards developing a personal style and a wardrobe that reflects the completely Instagram untrendy, 30-something woman that I am, I often come across trends that I so wish I could buy in to but worry that I’m just not cool enough. Big Buttons is one of them. The high-street is awash with […]


May 10, 2018

I Like Big Buttons And I Cannot Lie

Hair. Being the cause of a crisis of confidence. A trip to the hairdressers leaving me hating not just the endless list of products I now need to buy (the list gets longer each visit, doesn’t it?) but also myself. How fucking ridiculous is that? I went to a hair salon before Ben and I […]


May 9, 2018

My Hair Sent Me In A Shit Spiral And It Pulled Me Out Again Too

£400 ASOS binge? Nah mate, got Council Tax to buy. £1500 trip to the Maldives? Are you joking, my data charges are ridiculous this month. New pair of Adidas? I wish, I’ve got £4.82 to last me a week! Sound familiar? Yeah, same. I LOVE SHOPPING. I do. I love treating myself. But also, I […]


April 18, 2018

The ‘£100 Spare ’til Payday Edit’ APRIL

HEY GUYS DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A BOYFRIEND? Yep, I’m one of those smug pricks that can’t stop talking about how happy I am in a relationship. But equally I do believe I am one of those un-pricky pricks who shouts about single positivity from my loved-up roof top. And one of the things […]


February 13, 2018

Why I’m Celebrating This Valentine’s Day

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