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i started building my personal brand back in 2014 when I started my very first blog.
Since then, I've managed to leave primary school teaching to first blog full time - then teach others how to do the same.
In May 2019, I launched Grow & Glow - your one-stop destination for brand-building and business education and in the last year, I've learned thick and fast what it takes to make your brand stand-out online as well as how to scale your original ideal into a thriving company!

Brand building and strategy

Diversifying income for online biz

How to scale your online business

Content creation and Instagram 101

Marketing tips and tricks

Join me in the classroom as I cover:

Tara mohr

Playing big doesn't come from working more, pushing harder, or finding confidence. It comes from listening to the most powerful and secure part of you, not the voice of self-doubt.

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Grow & Glow is your one-stop destination for everything BRAND BUILDING.
We are a community of action-takers who come together for support and accountability who access monthly training, coaching and expertise so that we can truly Grow & Glow online.

Build a stand-out brand online so you can GROW your business and GLOW for your audience

Grow & Glow: Membership Community


Get crystal clear on what you offer and create a brand building content system that will sustainably attract, engage and nurture your audience, converting them into loyal clients and customers.
We will change our relationships with Instagram by distancing ourselves from our profiles whilst connecting more deeply with our audiences than ever before.

Taking egos and emotions out of Instagram and creating a content system that means we can authentically connect with our community and show them how to become clients and customers.


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Previous workshops on Creating Shareable and Saveable Content and Throwing Out the Instagram Rulebook have been watched by over 1000 students who've gone on to implement their learning and boost their brand...

In 2021, more will be coming your way!

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One-Off Workshops

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My newest programme will take a small group of brand-builders who are ready to scale their impact online through creating digital courses or memberships, and teach them everything I know about landing on the perfect idea, implementing the action and promoting the product.

Everything you need to know to turn your brand and biz into a creative empire

Diversify Your Online Income Streams