Looking Ahead to 2020

Oh ANOTHER blogger #goalz post, lemme just do a lil sick in my mouth, right?

Maybe but this time I wanted to take to my blog to lay out what I want to see happen next year purely because every time I’ve spoken out my plans, they’ve pretty much come true.

I mean, I told one of my mates that I had a dream, years ago, about going on First Dates and being whipped up by a stocky, bearded, slightly ginger bloke with a love of British comedy and GUESS WHO I MARRIED THIS YEAR?

I also shared my targets for Grow & Glow with the gals on Alice Benham‘s retreat and they all came through merely weeks later.

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Looking back on 2019, I’m in total shock as to how the year has taken a turn.

This time last year, I would never have thought we’d have bought a house, moved to the country, gotten a puppy and had Barry at our wedding.

Career wise, I was convinced I’d continue along the ‘influencer’ route and still be full-on coaching other bloggers on the side.

Grow & Glow wasn’t even a glint in my eye so it’s mad to think how this venture has changed my life and whole career trajectory!

And self-wise, this time last year I wasn’t in therapy. I was on anti-depressants. SAD was kicking my ass and my only saviour was cuddling up with Ben in our hotbox flat (even in November) with Harry Redknapp eating kangaroo bollocks to provide the lols.

I genuinely never believed I’d ever get to the place I am now, within myself. Yep there’s a LONG way to go, but I’m in such a different place.

Speaking out your aspirations WORKS PEOPLE, so let’s get to it.


2019 has been the year of putting old family demons to bed, gaining so much perspective and giving much more grace.

I learned how to judge less, accept more and make more time for the people I love.

The grief from losing my Mum and Dad in the past few years is still present but there’s not a wrenching anger that hovers over me – more a sanguine look at what family means now.

My relationship with my sister is better than ever. I’m excited to spend more time with her and her partner next year – hopefully a holiday for us all is in the works.

With Ben, Olive and I, I’m looking forward to spending more time out of the house and in the outdoors – exploring, pub lunching and enjoying our little family unit.

I’m also excited to get to know his family even more and spend some great times with them – drinking, playing Dixit and sorting us all into Harry Potter houses. I’m so lucky to have joined this bunch.


Moving to the countryside, where I know no one, has been a shock to the ol’ system as I had gotten so used to seeing one of my closest pals for regular coffee and old-work catch ups as well as the network of bloggers I’d found in South London.

I don’t want to be lonely in 2020 though.

I want to build a new network of people who are local to where I am, are up for dog walks and country pub catch ups.

(Does this sound like you? Apply within…)

I will also endeavour to make the most effort with friends I’ve had for years that now find themselves dotted around the country.


I think I’ve uttered the phrase, ‘I’m shit with money’, about 4636 times on this blog.

2019 was the year I started to make headway. Debts are being paid off, I actually have savings and I’m WAY better at keeping track of my spending thanks to the systems I have in place.

In 2020, I’d love to have it fully cracked.

To save regularly so my looming tax bill doesn’t look so scary. To take on more team members and pay my current team for more hours. To treat myself and my family to luxuries rather than fritter it away.

Moving to the countryside has helped NO END. The AMOUNT I’m saving from not being able to booty call Maccy Ds three times a week on Uber Eats is astounding.

I’m also doing regular food shops so we waste less and are less inclined to drive to the Co-Op and spend £20-£30 a day.

I don’t have ‘earnings’ goals, like those mystical 10k months I hear about incessantly from, ‘boss babes’ but I’d like to be debt free and comfortable as well as earn enough to invest more into my business.


This ol’ bloggersphere is an ever-changing, expanding and evolving industry to be in and often planning a career in this space can seem uncertain.

Here are some things I have planned though:

I’d love to host a retreat or a conference – not just about blogging but around the theme of being a good digital citizen. To teach others how to step into their passions and expertise and use their platforms to reach others.

(Again, apply within people!)

A book. I say this every bloody year but this is the one goal that I’ve not yet achieved but really want to! I have the outline, chapters and ideas ready to go. I just need to write it.

Creative writing – not the book, well maybe! But I’d like to write more – here or on my emails, who knows but it’ll be fun.

Growing Grow & Glow. Next year we’re going to be working more closely with brands who want to work with sustainable creators and story tellers to match them up with GG members and create forward thinking, mutually beneficial partnerships.

We’re also going to see so many of our members step into their expertise and launch their own platforms, products or services and cheerlead them the whole way.

I don’t just want to teach creators how to share their expertise or work with brands, I’d love to work with brands to show them how to work with our members!

And this blog! I have so many ideas of posts I want to write about the topics and themes that really get me excited so I’m looking forward to doing that too.


Freudian that I’ve put this one last, right?

2019 saw me investing heavily into therapy to work through a lot of the issues I’ve carried for years that have made me deeply unhappy and anxious.

I’ll carry this on in 2020 and work more on putting myself and my family first.

I associate career achievements so closely with myself as a person. If work is shit, I’m shit – but I want to move past this.

2020 will see me working on getting rid of a lot of my limiting beliefs and continuing to build more good messages about who I am within myself.

And that’s the most important goal of all, right?

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t thought, ‘what a self serving, 800 words of crap’ – FIST ME (bump, fist BUMP me) then I want to turn it on to you.

Can you go away and look at your friends, family, money, career and most importantly, self and see where you want to take those things in 2020?

One way I love to do this is by creating a mood board on Pinterest where I’ve pinned all of the things I want to happen and learn alongside affirmations around myself.

What areas of your life are you continuing to smash in 2020 and what areas need improvement? I’d love to know!

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