Why You Need A Fuck It Bucket

Vix fuck it bucketThe Fuck It Bucket. An imaginary receptacle to put everything I want to do but would normally be too scared to do. Here’s more about what it is and why you need one.

What is a Fuck It Bucket?

When my Mum passed away, I had an epiphany in life. I realised that the thing I wanted more than anything else was to have made her proud of me. I’m sure she was when she passed but I needed to ensure that for as long as I lived, I did things that would’ve made her beam and do her excited-over-the-phone-voice as if I had really told her. She used to do this thing where every time I’d go to bingo with her, her mate Joan would go, ‘Oh is this the daughter with the blog who teaches? How did your event go?’ and I’d know that 73 year old Joan with her husband Bert and 2 grown up sons wasn’t reading my blog for blowjob tips but that my Mum would’ve been gushing about me.

So I made the conscious decision that if an opportunity was put in front of me that I would love to do, whether I was terrified or not, I’d have to do it. Metaphorically giving Joan something new to ask me about.

Those opportunities are the ones that when you weigh up whether you should do them or not, they make you go, ‘Yeah, fuck it.’

What goes in the Fuck It Bucket?

Staying out too late on a school night when I’m having fun.

Going to Wrestlemania with virtual strangers.

Hitting up Edinburgh Fringe.

Dying my hair pink.

Telling my headteacher about my favourite vibrators.

Going to Blogging events that I’d normally feel too shy to rock up to.

Dating a guy just because it’s fun without hope for a future.

Doing stand up comedy.

That sorta thing!

Why you need a Fuck It Bucket

Simply, life is too short. You only have a finite amount of days on this planet.

My Mum got to the end of her life with regrets of not going after, ‘The One’, of not pursuing a career in journalism and for spending her life worrying about mistakes she had made.

If she had had a Fuck It Bucket where she could toss all of those things that scared but excited her – she would’ve relished it.

The Fuck It Bucket has helped me lead my best life. Without it, I wouldn’t have gone on a last minute date and stayed out late getting to know and falling for the guy I’m now with. I wouldn’t have had some of my best trips. I wouldn’t have gone on stage this week and won a stand up comedy slam. Probably wouldn’t have gotten up to half of the things, with men I probably shouldn’t have either but they’re things Joan wouldn’t have been told.

So get yourself a Fuck It Bucket and let me know ASAP, what’s going in yours.

Vix fuck it bucket

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