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This post is written in collaboration with Petplan 

It’s Olive’s first Christmas and if she’s anything like me, she’ll be wanting to be awake at 6am, praying for a new bottle of Jo Malone and in a roast potato coma by 3pm.

Except she’ll snooze in til 9, can’t wear perfume (maybe Jo Mabone?) and I’m pretty sure potatoes are toxic to dogs – more for me then!

So in honour of her first Christmas, and a precursor to the post I’ve written on the realities of puppy parenting, I thought I’d pull together a lil summin’ to share how we’re going to be spending the big JC’s birthday.

petplan advent calendar - olive the cockapoo

In collaboration with Petplan (who we insured Olive with even before we got her and way before they asked me to partner with them), I’ll talk you through our plans, what we’re getting her for Xmas and a few extra ideas if you’re also in the market for pet presents!

And by the way, if you’re up for winning a gift for your pet pal, Petplan insurance has the,Petplan advent calendarwhere they’re releasing a new prize every day until the 24th!

The Big Day

We’re very fortunate to be living closely to Ben’s family and I’m even more fortunate to have spent the last 2 Christmases with them as well. They KNOW how to Xmas.

Christmas Eve will be spent a family friend’s house for MERRIMENT (do you say that word at any other time of the year?) followed by at least 2 rounds of Dixit, a cheese board and a G&T or 6 back at their’s.

We’ll stay there with Olive, who’ll probably take over their cockapoo Lily’s bed, and be there to exchange stockings in the morning.

The temptation to get Olive a stocking is HIGH and I might cave yet.

Then we’ll take her out for a morning charge around, followed by a snooze (her after playing, us after breakfast mimosas) and prepare for a delicious lunch at around 2ish.

After lunch is presents. Which is a big change for me as when my sister used to have Christmas with our Mum and Dad, presents could barely make it past midnight after Xmas Eve.

petplan pet insurance - olive the cockapoo

Olive’s Presents

I’d already ordered Olive a snuffle mat which I had heard was good for canine enrichment as they spend ages sniffing and retrieving the treats. But I caved early and let her have it.

She loves her puzzle bowl to eat her food out of as in a regular bowl it’s gone in 0.2 seconds so I might treat her to a slow feeder bowl to change up her meal times.

If someone got me a bowl for Christmas, I’d be RAGING but alas, we are not the same.

Olive is teething so it’s be recommended to get her a range of chew toys to keep that daily teeth grinding an exciting activity.

We also got her this lonnnnng Santa boy from our local pet shop (pictured) because she loves playing tug but if our fingers aren’t careful, they can get an over excited puppy nip so another Xmas present we’ll get her a pack of equally long boys.

petplan - olive the cockapoo

Other Gift Ideas

Ben’s mum, Alison, has reliably informed me there is such a thing as Jo Mabone perfume. Olive isn’t a particularly stinky dog, but if you’re getting a bottle of the good stuff this Christmas, it could be a fun one to give your pampered pooch too.

Speaking of a bottle of the good stuff, have you heard of Pawsecco? Me either until I learned it was one of the prizes you could win in the Petplan advent calendar and now I’m intrigued! If you don’t win, it could still be a fun gift.

Perhaps your pooch is so pampered that the bed you got for them, that they’ve already chewed to death, just isn’t cutting it any more? Then maybe a dog teepee could make for a great present! Perfect for a Queen’s Speech snooze!

We’ll be bringing Olive home on Boxing Day – full of her own puppy turkey dinner, happy with her pressies and spoilt from all of the cuddles, ready to start a brand new year with our brand new family member.

How are you spending Christmas Day and has your pup been a good boy/girl this year?

petplan - olive the cockapoo


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