Self-Care on SAD Days

No-one quite understands the phrase, ‘Winter is Coming’, quite like someone who suffers with SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder can affect most people in a range of ways. From low mood and energy to crippling depression. So it is essential that we look after ourselves at these times.

With Cully & Sully, I explored how to up-level my warming lunches on cold days as well as deciding to share with you, the things I’ve been doing to keep my mood up when I’m feeling oh-so-frigging down.

This is a sponsored post but KEEP READING there’s good stuff I promise…

Spicy Pea

I LOVE a Pea and Mint soup with some crusty bread, wrapped up in a blanket, sat on the sofa whilst cracking on with some blogging. BUT I also like a bit of heat – especially when it’s freezing out. So I take Cully & Sully’s delicious offering and add chilli and garlic powder for an extra kick.

Cully and sully soup

Netflix and Take Your Brain Out

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a juicy series. Give me something edgy and tense on a good day, sure BUT on a self-care day, when I just need to zone out, snuggle in and perhaps go for a nap – some serious brain outage is needed.

Series like Drag Race, People Just Do Nothing and Peep Show are my favourites for that kind of day!

Face Mask

I am almost vomiting at how cliche blogger I sound BUT a solid 20 minutes of cleanse, tone, face mask and moisturise in between naps and trips to the fridge for more cheese really does soothe the SAD soul.

Sunday Stroll

When it’s dark out, your body craves daylight. Whilst eating Dominos for breakfast in bed whilst catching up with Blue Planet DOES seem incredible (because it is) – it’s not going to help with your serotonin levels. So, stick some trainers on and get outside.

Bonus points if you can drag your boyfriend along and get him to take blog photos for you. Productive AND relaxing.

Sunday Roast

The only way to end a Sunday Stroll. Fact.

Let the gravy dribble down your chin and wash your worries away.

Honey, Carrot and Risotto

As a fan of a chunky soup, I love to add rice, lentils or pulses to my soups to bulk them out and make me feel like I’m having a proper meal as opposed to a light snack.

Make the risotto rice separately in veggie stock and once it’s ready – bung it in with the soup and serve it to said boyfriend after the taking of 5853 shots for Instagram.

Cully and sully soup

Blog Admin

I know this is very ‘blogger centric’ BUT sometimes, when my brain is foggy and I’m feeling the cold seep into my bones and freeze my mood, nothing warms me up more than cracking on with blog jobs.

Answering emails, checking SEO, formatting posts and scheduling content makes me feel more ‘me’ and more with it.


A portmanteau for ‘pad-admin’ – basically all the jobs round the house you’ve been putting off. I know when you can barely drag yourself out of bed, the thought of emptying the dish-washer is a gross one HOWEVER, how good do you feel when your bedroom is tidy and your sheets are fresh AF?

WhatsApp Group Catch-Up

Not the groups where everyone is irritating and nagging on about their awful boyfriends and ASOS returns, but the groups where the gang completely lift you up and reaffirm what a total boss you are.

Toxic Cleansing

Dump shit clothes, mates, boys, make-up, actual rubbish, take-away containers, gone off food, gone wrong selfies and everything else in your possession that makes you feel awful. Trust me. You need it.




Thanks to Cully & Sully for sending me their whole range of delicious soups as part of their #TheWayWeMakeIt campaign.

They have been the perfect accompaniment on these cold days and have helped to lift my mood.

*sponsored post but all self-care and soup switch ups are my own!

Cully and sully soup



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