Self care on SAD days

I’ve spoken before about my experience with SAD and as the mornings are getting even darker and the nights are getting even more bitterly cold, your hormones are going crazy. It gets harder to wake up in the morning and you have a lot less energy during the day. When you do get home from school or work, you’re too exhausted to do anything productive and sometimes it feels like it’s easier to just curl up on the sofa and zone out. It’s during this period where looking after yourself should be paramount. Here are a few things I do to look after myself on a SAD day.

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Eat shit. This probably goes against ALL health advice which tells us to keep our energy up with nutritious food but there is NOTHING I like more than picking up some chips on the way home because there’s nothing than compliments pjs and a Ru Paul marathon than carby goodness.

Watch allll the TV. This might sound sad, but when I wake up in the morning and I’m feeling like crap, I visualise how my evening is going to play out, which makes me feel happier. I imagine getting home from work, turning the heating on, getting into my PJs and under my favourite blanket to watch 6 episodes of The Affair (if you’re not watching this show, please re evaluate all life priorities because it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me).

Have a pamper. My housemate has the most amazing box of nail essentials that she keeps in the living room so whilst we’re catching up on Westworld and chilling out after work, we can give ourselves manicures. I also find a pre bed hot shower and hair wash makes the mornings easier. I can just lie in bed feeling miserable until I have left myself 4 minutes to get dressed but then when I’m finally up, I still smell like fresh lavender and gorgeousness rather than sweat and sleep. You can pick up some cheap beauty bits from Capital Beauty Supplies by clicking here.

See friends. If I can fill my weeks with exciting plans of meals out, or after work drinks, it lifts my mood and helps me out of bed this morning. Furthermore, when I do see my friends, they do wonders for my energy levels. I get excited and inspired and it’s a break from thinking about how crap I feel.

Make future plans. This winter, I’ve booked and paid for a holiday to Florida to see Wrestlemania which is my ultimate bucket list item. I’m so excited for a week in a villa, in the sun and doing something amazing. Knowing it’s happening at the end of winter and start of spring also gives me that light at the end of the tunnel. What’s more, I’ve booked my annual Vegas trip and spoken to a few friends about some trips we should definitely take!

So there are a few things I do to combat my down days. What do you do during the darker days?

*this post was written in collaboration with Capital Beauty Supplies but all of the SAD, sad thoughts and tips are strictly my own!

If you want any more tips on Self-Care, please see this infographic, provided by BetterHelp.



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