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making friends as an adult


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Ah fuck that is a BLEAK TITLE. But growing apart from friends as an adult is a really bloody bleak aspect of life. I’ve spoken before, in posts on toxic friendships, about my views on adult relationships. I find it awkwardly easy to cast off people when we’re no longer serving each other with a […]

Growing Up, Growing Apart And Finding Your Guest List, Friendless


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The relationships we have with our friends, family, significant others and just about everybody we meet on the street or online can have extremely positive or detrimental effects on our mental health. We bang on about spring cleaning our homes to make us feel fresh, revitalised and ready for the new season – isn’t it […]

How To Spring Clean Your Relationships For Better Mental Health

toxic friendships

Personal Development

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Friendships and maintaining those relationships as an adult is hard isn’t it? You’re not at school any more when, by default, you meet every day in the canteen and gossip over who got fingered behind the bike sheds and which teacher you fancied. In college and university, some of you will experience drinking and living […]

Friendships Toxic? Here’s Why You Should Eliminate Them