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*This post contains PR Products from Shark If you’ve been a reader for some time, you’ll know the tos and fros, ups and downs and backs and forths I’ve had with routines. I’ve never been able to keep em. Even when I was teaching and my ‘general’ routine was; get up, get ready, schedule tweets […]

6 Routines I’ve Created, and Stuck to, during Lockdown

sunday night dread

Behind The Biz

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It’s a familiar stomachey feeling, Sunday Night Dread, isn’t it?  You’ve had an amazing weekend, filled with rest and relaxation or socialising and exploring. You’ve felt content, happy and free from work distractions. But then 4pm on a Sunday hits and BAM there it is. The realisation that the weekend is drawing to a close. […]

Sunday Night Dread But Make It Freelance

31 things early thirties ageing


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‘Oh my god Vix, you look so young, how can you be in your early thirties?’ Yeah babe thanks but an Instagram filter will do A LOT for wrinkles, grey hair a burgeoning bald patch and an already established middle aged spread, SO THERE WE ARE. I don’t think it was actually until I turned […]

31 Things No-One Tells You About Being In Your Early Thirties



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Veganuary. Or January as a Vegan, is upon us. And you’ll know that because everywhere you turn there is leaf-laden emoji tweets, recipes on Insta-stories, web articles, blog posts, This Morning TV segments and Netflix recommended documentaries – all about encouraging people to convert to this way of living. It’s my first January as a […]

How NOT to be a twat this Veganuary