This week I’ve got a very exciting guest post from the wonderful Jenna Farmer of The Bloglancer. She’s sharing her approach to pitching to brands! Pitching to brands that perfectly fit our blog is at the top of  #bloggergoals for most of us. Yet it’s something that still isn’t widely spoken about; leaving us with […]

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March 4, 2019

5 Top Tips For Pitching To Brands By The Bloglancer

Eh? Elevator pitch? WHUT IS THAT? You may have seen this term on Pinterest, or spoken about on one of those marketing guru podcasts and thought – meh, that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t need one. Well, mate, you do. Here’s what it is, why you need one and where to put it! What […]

Become A Full Time Blogger

February 18, 2019

Da Fuq Is An Elevator Pitch & Why You Need One

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