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Behind The Biz

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I’ve never been ‘fashionable’. I wore a pin stripe waistcoat and trousers to my prom. I don’t consider myself a ‘fashion blogger’ and my monthly affiliate income reports reinforce that only a very small amount of people reeeaaallly give a shit about what I’m wearing. But that is a small amount of people that wouldn’t […]

Our Influence On Fast Fashion



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‘Five Key Pieces That Are Flattering For Your Body Type’ ‘Dress To Look 10 LBs Slimmer’ ‘The Best Clothes To Flatter Every Shape’ Just a few headlines that popped up on Google when I typed in the phrase, ‘flattering clothes’. Just a few messages we have had pounded into us since birth. Since our Mum’s […]

Fuck ‘Flattering’ Tbqh