13 Things The Hills Gave Us That They Probably Shouldn’t Bring Back

This is totally an impromptu post due to waking up this morning and being blessed with a teaser trailer for the comeback series of The Hills, which is due to air on MTV, ‘soon’.

It got me reminiscing about my early twenties, how obsessed I was with that show and the ubiquitous Lauren Conrad and how even now, the influences from that show are still part of millennial culture.

So here are the 13 things The Hills gave us, that we definitely should (but don’t want to) give back:

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A Balenciaga Obsession

Nowadays the designer are ripping off Ikea bags and churning out slides after slides but back in THE DAY they were the maker of the bag that ANY Hills obsessive desired – the City (Moto). If you didn’t pick up a knock off from Peacocks for £15, were you even 21?

Jeans And A Nice Top

Every new episode of The Hills sparked a further trip to River Island to hunt down the perfect cami that had just the right combo of ruching and sequins on the straps. Paired with bootcut jeans and YSL Tribute wannabe heels and your Thursday night down at Wetherspoons Curry Club was complete.


Thanks to Lauren and the gang, women everywhere could finally feel stylish whilst looking slobbish – or wait, was it supposed to be the other way around? Halter dresses, tunics, batwing tops that covered your bum and layered vests all paired with leggings of the capri length and glittery flip flops were your casual uniform. 

Barrel Curls

Oh BOY did you know your 1-inch tongs from your 2-inches. We all know that the 1 inch variety just didn’t give us the Lauren Conrad level of bouncy curl that was desired. Wearing 1-inch curls with our Abercrombie hoodies, leggings and vest just didn’t quite cut it. Only the 2 inch variety looked decent with our array of jersey headbands.

Poker Straight Hair

Whilst we ALL began to explore the bouncy wave, thanks to The Hills, it was poker straight hair where we came into our own. And the girls taught us that as long as we pinned both front bits back at the sides OR whacked a plait into our fringe and pinned it back, we’d still look hella fresh.

Winged Eyeliner No Eyeshadow

Hands up if you also used to rewind parts of the show where Lauren was doing her make up, JUST so we could learn to perfect that cat-eye? No 17 (as it was called) made a killing, whilst the series played out, on sales of their pen that could give us the same look. We didn’t even need to wear any other make up! Except blusher. And bronzer. And Dior lipgloss.

Dresses With Inappropriate Belts

Wow 2006 really had us all needing to snatch our waists with thick belt after thick belt. Lauren repeatedly showed us that no matter how pretty, floaty or flowy our dresses were, they’d always look 100 times better with a whopping boho belt wrapped around the middle. Extra points if we barrel curled our hair, pinned it back and NAILED that winged eyeliner.

Casual Shirts With Skinny Jeans And Heels

Because that makes perfect sense right? Casual shirts that came in linen, stripe or check were a must. As were indigo/daaark blue coloured Leighs from Topshop (PS when did we stop wearing indigo coloured jeans?). But the heels? What on earth were we thinking? To get the true Lauren look, we HAD to have a chain cross body bag from Topshop and a pair of THOSE sunglasses.

Way Too Big Sunglasses

What the heck were aviators back in 2007? Let alone a circle lens with a muted frame. Nah unless you had thick black plastic in the shape of a large oval or square that rested on the bottom of your cheekbone, you just couldn’t quite get The Hills look. 

Bandage Dresses

Did you ever really visit a Lipsy in early 2000s if you didn’t go there with the sole intent of hunting down a Herve Leger wannabe so you too could feel like you were hitting up an LA club with your favourite, TV gal pals? A clutch was a necessity. As were platform pumps – preferably in nude.

Velour Tracksuits

They just looked so comfy didn’t they? The perfect, ‘lazing around the house, bitching about girls we hate whilst analysing a text from a boy on our T-Mobile Sidekick’ uniform.

The Accessories, Oh The Accessories

Chunky wooden bracelets, big beaded necklaces, headbands, silk scarves tied in our hair or around our handbag handles ONLY, the sunglasses, Havianna’s, knock off Balenciaga Motos, Marc Jacobs Stams and Chanel 2.55s.

Ballet Flats

We ALL had that pair that went perfect with our dress/belt combo, our skinny indigo jeans and cami combo AND our jersey maxi dresses. It didn’t matter if they were battered, water logged or just plain HUMMED from overwear, they made us feel totally Conrad.

You know how they say fashion is cyclical? And everything comes back round? Yeah, I think we’re alright thanks. The Hills can definitely make a comeback but some of these fashion moments definitely shouldn’t.

What do you remember from The Hills and what did it make YOU obsessed with?

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