Why I Love my 90 Day Manifestation + Mindset Goal Setting Journal

I too spent ££ on a brand new Papier bullet journal, only to spend 4 hours setting it up and NEVER using it because a) perfectionism and b) *gestures wildly to look around at the world*.

But to be honest, I knew I had everything I ever needed in a journal in my Vibe + Flow 90 Day Manifestation + Mindset Goal Setting Journal which was created by my friend Chloe Slade.

I first met Chloe via an introduction through Alice Benham, marketing coach extraordinaire and a mutual friend. We connected on Instagram and would regularly send each other messages of encouragement and general Game of Thrones related chit chat.

I ordered the original journal straight away, Chloe became a G&G member and I joined her Manifestation membership. After this bout of mutual empowerment and support, we met for the first time and totally hit it off. Y’know when someone is just frigging SOUND – that’s Chloe.

90 Day Manifestation Journal

Journal 1.0

We had moved to Kent, I had set the spare room up as my office and my journal (1.0) took pride of place next to my desk – every morning that I got to work, I’d spend 5-10 minutes filling it out. Or if I went into London, I’d fill it out on the train with a coffee – it felt like such a treat!

The way it was set up was that it had a morning and evening page. The morning page you’d fill out to get you in the right mindset for the day and the evening one would help you download all of your thoughts, going to bed with a clear mind.

Now the overall aim of the journal is that you set your 90 day goals and write out all of the inspired actions you’re going to take to achieve those goals. Then every day you’re checking in with yourself that you’re on track.

It’s based on the principles of the laws of attraction and manifestation but it’s so practically written that it makes you feel like everything you are wanting to ‘manifest’ is actually tangible and actionable.

For someone as oft-unfocussed, riddled with doubt and sometimes anxious as I – the journal honestly changed my days around.

Rather than procrastinating for hours over what to get done – the journal made it clear. Or rather than going to bed with some unhelpful thoughts swirling in my head – I could ‘download’ them all on paper and have a more restful night’s sleep.

What it helped me with

The first 3 goals I set with Journal 1.0 were; 300 members in Grow & Glow, to exercise every day and to expand the G&G team.

I achieved all of those within the 3 months I outlined and I truly believe it was because the journal helped keep me on track so I could consistently work towards making them happen.

It also helped pull me out of so many shit spirals. If I woke up feeling crap or like I had an overwhelming amount of work and that I just wanted to fuck it all off, go to sleep and not bother with life – I’d pull myself to fill out that day’s page and within moments my mood would change and I’d have much more grace for myself which motivated me to get my 3 things done for the day and then binge the life out of my high vibes list…

How the journal is set up

If you’ve got this far and you’re ever more curious about how the journal is structured, I’ll run through it now!

Chloe recently released the new version of the journal (2.0) which I’m currently working through (need to get a new one soon actually) so I’ll show you this one…

Life Audit

First you rate the different areas of your life and then free-flow write how you WANT to feel. This is a great section to come back and reflect on to see, within those 3 months, how much you’ve progressed.

Prep Steps

The most fun bit to fill out is the Prep Steps section.

It comprises of pages on;

  • Best Average Day planner
  • Free flow reality
  • Manifestation goals
  • High Vibe list
  • Release list
  • Falling in love with the process
  • Gratitude list
  • Visualisation list

Your best average day is where you get to reflect on what your ideal day would look like, broken down into a time frame. It’s crazy for me to look at this and see how closely aligned my every day is with this day – which I then practise a whole lotta gratitude for.

Then you write a free flow reality of what your life will look like in 90 days. I’m reading back over this as I write this blog post and again, it never fails to blow my mind just how much I’ve managed to align with this – this journal is bloody magic, I swear.

Then you manifest 4 goals from a place of having them, so I write, ‘thank you for…’

Now the Corona virus has unfortunately interrupted two of my goals – in terms of member numbers for Grow & Glow and the retreat I was planning but the two other goals I set out around creating new offers for the Grow & Glow business have already come true and I’m so sure that the other 2 goals would be true too, if this whole situation hadn’t happened – so reflecting now, I’m feeling good!

Then the best bit – the high vibes list! The bit where you get to list every simple pleasure that automatically makes you feel better – for me it’s reading a book, swimming, iced coffee, Diet Coke, listening to a podcast, banging out a soundtrack from the musicals (or my epic 90s/00s Spotify playlist).

It feels actually productive to figure a high vibe thang into each day!

The release list is where you get to note down every belief you hold that is a negative one or that’s not serving you. So things like, ‘I don’t have enough money,’ or ‘I won’t achieve x because of y’ – this is SO USEFUL because you then reflect on how you sound and your higher self tells you to stop being a knob and not to listen to those beliefs.

‘Falling in love with the process’ is where you can write about exactly how you’re going to inject those high vibes into the next 3 months alongside other things you can look forward to, so that the whole process over the next 3 months is filled with joy.

The gratitude list is where I’ve listed everything in my life I’m grateful for – husband, home, family, Olive, health, this space, Grow & Glow members, my job, chips, The Office – I mean the list is endless and ever expanding.

Finally, the visualisation list is where you get to make a list of all the things you visualise you’ll have within 90 days – and again, looking back at this list, I can see I have nearly all of them – which again totally lifts my mood!

The Daily Logs

Then you get into the daily pages for the journal.

You can plan how your day will look using the timetable – which, as someone who can get lost in a scroll hole, finds incredibly useful. This means I make sure I get to do the things I want to do (even if I don’t keep strictly to the hour).

I also love setting my daily intention because I know if I’m having a down day that as long as my intention has been met, I can rest easily!

Then I’ll write about the things on my to do list I’ll get done that ‘align with my goals’. For example, with my goal for the retreat, I’d list, ‘book venue’, ‘approach guest coaches’ etc because those were inspired actions that would get me closer to the goals.

Then I have great fun listing the few high vibe things I’d figure into my day – a long walk, hot shower, face mask, iced coffee, which podcast I’d listen to.

Before bed, I figure in time to ‘download’ my day.

I’ll list a couple of wins – however big or small – and write 3 things I’m grateful for from that day.

Then, handily, there’s a bit to write your to-do list for tomorrow. This eliminates A LOT of overwhelm for me, and I never go to bed anxiously playing over in my mind what I need to get done.

And if I need it, there’s a bit to do a mind dump – just a bit of space for reflection where new thoughts, ideas or actions come to mind.

More Chloe Goodness

Because I was so impressed with the journal, and Chloe became such a good pal, I then invested in her other offerings too – which are just as bloody brilliant.

There’s the 90 day wall planner which I had in the office (finished it, need a new one!)

This is linked with the journal but means you can lay out your top 3 goals more visually and then break them down into smaller, more actionable steps.

I’m also a member of the Vibe + Flow membership. This is where I learned all about manifestation and the laws of attraction because Chloe created really easy to watch and digest trainings.

As part of the membership I get weekly emails with prompts and resources which I enjoy digging into for a bit of headspace.

Chloe also sent me her newest product – the journal prompts – to have a look over before she shared them more widely and again, was totally in love.

Apart from her journal, I find it tough to keep up with other planners and journals but every so often when I need a bit of headspace or quiet time, I dive into these journal prompts, pick one or two and do a little bit of free flow writing – either at my desk, on the train (pre March) or on my phone in bed, to help me get back in alignment.

As you can tell, I’m a bit of a Chloe fan girl – and it feels great to support such a brilliant friend in her business – because her products really have brought so much value to my life!

Go and check out everything Chloe does with Vibe + Flow here and defo give her some love on Instagram, here.


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