AD – My Wedding Skin Prep Routine With Tropic Skincare

This post is sponsored by Tropic Skincare but all thoughts, results and experiences are my own!

tropic skincare routine - full product line up

In the lead up to my big day, I sat down to lunch with my friends Laura and Rosie, we got to discussing just how much PERSONAL ADMIN there is when it comes to weddings.

Not only do you need to go for 4 billion dress fittings but now you have to contend with hair, nails. more make up than you’d normally wear in a year and the prospect of false eyelashes that you just PRAY don’t end up in the wedding cake.

I mentioned that I was worried that my skin was going to be a mess and that the make up wouldn’t look right and all the photos would have to be put in the bin immediately.

Laura, a skincare freakazoid, assured me that if I stuck to a skincare routine – which has been completely revolutionised by presents from Rosie and Tropic Skincare – that I should be absolutely fine.

Rosie, however, had a brain wave. She invited me to Tropic HQ to have my skin measured by their in-house expert, Kavitha.

tropic skincare routine - measuring my skin 1

From there we could create a bespoke routine that I could try in the weeks leading up to my wedding. Excitedly, I could then go back every few weeks to have my skin measured so we could really put my mind to rest that I wasn’t going to wake up with a second head popping out of my chin on the big day.

For someone as USELESS with skincare and knowing what’s good for me (I couldn’t even tell Laura and Rosie if my skin was dry, oily or combination and I’m 33 FFS), this seemed like such a lucky opportunity to get me ready for the big day.

The Consultation

When I first met Kavitha, I was fascinated by how much she knew about skin. She told me, within 4 seconds of meeting me, that I had a dry t-zone, normal skin texture but an oily chin.

She then measured my sebum, hydration, elasticity and melanin levels. We discovered I had a high amount of redness around my cheeks and nose which we wanted to get under control.

She also told me I had goodish elasticity but it could be improved so that my skin was looking extra bouncy, that my skin’s texture was even, and that my redness was high in places.

Furthermore, Kavitha told me that I had a high amount of sebum around my chin and that was why I was breaking out there so often.

It was fascinating (and a bit gross) to learn about my skin in this way. Kavitha explained the products they’d give me, on top of my usual cleanse/tone/moisturise Tropic Skincare routine would help combat the redness issues, control the sebum, improve the dryness around my nose and forehead and reduce the redness on my cheeks.

tropic skincare routine - skin mapping

The Products

A few days later a gigantic bundle of joy arrived that contained all of the products I should use and attached was a routine I could use them in.

The products I received were; Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier + Bamboo Cloth, Vitamin Toner Pore Refining Mist, Skin Feast Nourishing Cream Concentrate, Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling Mask, Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask, Face Smooth Refreshing Polish, Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum, Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil and Skin Dream Age-Defying Firming Cream Concentrate

tropic skincare routine - hydrating mask

My 4 Week Check Up

Two weeks later I hopped in an Uber to visit Tropic HQ for the second time and excited for a catch up with Rosie. After we gossiped about Love Island and swapped period horror stories, it was time to see Kavitha again.

On this round of measuring, Kavitha was surprised and delighted to see such a vast improvement.

tropic skincare routine

In JUST 4 WEEKS, my hydration improved by up to 31% in some areas and my sebum had been optimised across my complexion, with up to 29% reduction in some more oily areas.

Furthermore, the redness across my face, that I ALWAYS worried about had reduced by 14% on my forehead, 35% on my left cheek, 13% on my right and 15% on my chin!

The only blushes on the big day were during the speeches!

Kavitha said the real test would come in how things would be in another few weeks. Was this just a quick and vast improvement because something was being done to my skin other than a half-arsed cleanse every other day? Would it last?

In Between Appointments

Spurred on by these results (I’d always fallen into the camp of, ‘products are just so unnecessary they don’t actually DO anything,’ before discovering Tropic), I persevered and started to get compliments on how much brighter my skin was looking.

And it wasn’t even due to extra water intake – unless Diet Coke counts towards my daily 2 litres.

Final Catch Up

I was greeted by Kavitha’s smiling face as I entered the lab once more to see if the results had sustained or whether they’d tailed off (as I admittedly missed out a day here or there of self-care).

Luckily, Kavitha said, all results had stabilised and she could notice another improvement in elasticity. I don’t want to panic you guys but I THINK I might be Benjamin Button. My skin’s hydration levels had increased across the board by an average of 16%, and my sebum had optimised meaning an average reduction of 21%.

I had a major, hormonal, time of the month related rage spot on my chin on this day which accounted for a slight lift in sebum levels but Kavitha was convinced it’d all settle down once Aunty Flo had buggered off.

Genuinely, getting fully back on this skincare mission meant my skin was NOT an area of the day I had a last minute, Rachel Green sized panic about.

I reserved that for those origami cranes.

A HUUUUGE thank you to Rosie and the Tropic team for not only providing me with the products but also the best consultation and care I could ask for.

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tropic skincare routine - hydrating mask


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