Who Are We Really Influencing?

Contributor Shelley Busby shows us the perfect little black look for summer and asks the question, ‘in fashion and lifestyle blogging – who are we actually influencing?’
Shop Shelley’s look throughout the post! Blogging is huge and well if you’re reading this post then you probably already know that. We are now labelled influencers since we have gained a following and our purpose is to inform people about our niche. The real question we have to ask ourselves is who are we influencing? Are we just reaching other bloggers or are we reaching those outside our bubble? It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while; it seems the whole, ‘Is blogging dead?’, debate raised a few questions in the industry. Who’s reading our blogs & who are we influencing? It appears that a lot of bloggers read other blogs and are very open about that but how many non blogger folk are supporting our industry? How many girls working in your office are clicking onto a blog and using that as the impetus to shop the latest sale item? And how many of your regular (non-blog) friends buying something because their favourite blogger told them to? Any Instagram or Twitter poll will tell you that a vast majority of our readers are other bloggers and most fashion purchases by a blogger are often inspired by another blogger. But what about outside this bubble? How is Katrina from Hove going to find me, decide she likes my eclectic style and immediately decide she wants to buy everything I wear? (especially when she realises that a mesh top* that protects me from sunburn whilst also helps me remain cool is a summer must have) I’m never going to say support from bloggers isn’t great because it’s blooming fab. I love that it can sometimes feel like we’re heading back to the times of supporting each other & ditching the competition but then again don’t we blog to reach a wider audience? Take a look at the trends we all jump on (me included!). Usually that’s from each other; just look at that new straw bag every blogger seems to have or the Fjallraven Kanken* backpacks that I adore.   I found it through an affiliate link from a fellow blogger, not from someone on the street or a fashion catwalk. My lace-up denim skirt* was seen on a Youtuber (probz Helen Anderson because she’s a babe) and I see many other bloggers wearing it too. How many people outside of the blogosphere have you seen obsessing over the same things? I haven’t really noticed any, maybe that’s because I’m not looking hard enough or that I tend to follow mostly bloggers but isn’t that a tad concerning? We’re pouring our hearts and souls into creating style content that we’d love to rival a Glamour or an Elle, only to reach a small circle of influence? Basically, other influencers! Maybe that’s the problem, maybe we have produced this unrealistic lifestyle that is just for us. Maybe a part of the blogosphere has isolated the public but being so bloggery instead of showing real style from real people that anyone reading can pick up and emulate. Not just other bloggers trying to hop aboard a trend. I don’t have all answers. I don’t think any of us do but I do hope that I can use my space on the web to reach more people – more people who like my style. Personally, I tend to read blog posts about blogging or lifestyle posts when someone’s got something to say. But what I love lots are those old fashion posts where it’s a chat about a subject and it feels real. That’s what I’ve aimed to write here; a post that will stand out, but will show my style whilst having something to say. Blogging is about starting a conversation on whatever subject you wish & maybe people can relate but we need to be reaching someone to really be an influencer. I’m still going to blog about my life either way but can we really call ourselves influencers is we’re just influencing each other? Our audience is our life line and we spend years building that so we need to make sure we’re drawing in the public and not just each other. Do you agree with Shelley? Where do you get your style inspiration? (Photos from Kaye and this post contains affiliate links) author shelley

by Shelley

I’m Shelley, a lifestyle blogger with a strong plant obsession. I tend to be binge watching Grey’s Anatomy whilst drinking lots of tea.
You can find Shelley’s blog here, Instagram here and Twitter here.    

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