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I'm Vix Meldrew
Educator, Personal Brand Builder, Action-Taker, and Online BFF with a 6-pack of Diet Coke

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Take my signature Instagram course, 'Insta Rebel' and learn how to stand out by showing up online so you can build your brand and biz. New courses coming in 2021!

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Join over 700 creators and creative business owners from around the world to gain the tools, trainings and support you need to stand out online. Grow & Glow is the community for you!

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I'm an ex-primary school teacher turned full-time content creator and online educator.

I left the world of teaching 70 hours+ a week because I wanted to build a business that freed me to spend more time on the things that made me happy (therapy, reading, playing tennis, learning, spending time with my family, watching hours of Netflix) and less time on the things that didn't (marking books and working for someone else).

Since then, I've been teaching over 1000 students how they too can stand out online, build a banging personal brand and create a business that helps them live their best life.

I believe in building sustainable and scalable online businesses that free us up to lead joy-filled lives

Hi, I'm Vix. 

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For creators and creative biz owners ready to build their audience with content and marketing using the 'gram.


Stuck on the content treadmill never feeling like your audience is truly engaging or ready to work with you and buy from you?

Like no matter how much you post, show up on Stories or engage with your followers in your comments and DMs you just don't seem to be growing?

Get crystal clear on what you offer and create a brand building content system that will sustainably attract, engage and nurture your audience, converting them into loyal clients and customers.

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The Grow & Glow Show is a number 1 rated business and marketing podcast, hosted by me - Vix Meldrew with tons of episodes on everything personal brand building, mindset, social media and digital marketing.

Served straight to your favourite podcast app every Tuesday, it's the perfect opportunity to grab a Diet Coke and learn more about building your brand!

Tune in and join me (Vix!) as I chat about the ins and outs of building a personal brand. From content and strategy to what goes on behind the scenes...

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