Your time is precious. 

You're wearing all of the hats in your brand - content, marketing, selling, productivity, admin, accounts, photographer, editor, copywriter - it's endless!

So let me show you how you can build your online platforms and personal brand in the most effective way possible!

90s pop music, diet coke, potatoes in all forms, puppies and building personal brands are my favourite things!

It's been quite a journey! I started my blog whilst working 70+ hours a week as a primary school teacher but I knew I needed to sacrifice some of those Netflix marathons for working on my personal brand so that I could build a business that meant; working for myself, working on myself and making space for my family.

2 years after leaving teaching, I've built a successful business teaching others how to do exactly what I've done!

And in waaaay less time than the 70 hours+ a week I used to work...



If it's important for you to know, it's important for me to share. I come with RECEIPTS. Whether that's conversations around money, time, investments or creation - I tell it like it is.



I am NOT about the girl-boss hustle and will never push you to work all the hours of the day - instead I'll teach you to work smarter instead of harder.



Want to know how to grow 10k followers in 10 minutes? I'm not your gal. I teach you how to build SUSTAINABLE online businesses. No flash-in-the-pan overnight successes over here...soz.

What's most important to me!

I'll never offer you fluff, everything I share is tried and tested. I walk the walk rather than talk the talk. If you take one of my courses or become a Grow & Glow member, you'll know that the most important aspects of building a personal brand to me are:

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