Your biz bud and online educator here to help you stand out online and build the life you dream of 

Say hi to your personal brand's BFF 

Back in 2016, I was in a job I hated and a relationship that made me feel lonely. I wanted to be creatively fulfilled - so I started a blog.

Whilst working full time as a primary school teacher, I documented my journey with online dating and my experience of grief having lost my beloved Mum (and then Dad).

What started as a hobby 'accidentally' turned into a thriving personal brand that saw me collaborating with some of my favourite brands - and teaching my community how to do the exact same thing!

Hi, I'm Vix Meldrew

An ex-Londoner turned country gal with an obsession for learning and teaching EVERYTHING there is on personal brand building. 

Oh, and I'm obsessed with Diet Coke, potatoes in all their forms and Mario Party

I've been there.

Dreaming of a business that's on your terms. So you can build a life around the things that matter most to you - creativity, family, personal development and FUN.

But to do that, you need to stand out amongst the crowd so you can attract a loyal and engaged audience who go on to be clients, customers and collaborators.

Are you ready to show up and stand out?

You're a creator or creative biz owner wanting to build a brand that ensures you can centre joy and not worry about chasing invoices

Great news, eager learner 

I'm here to guide you to a place in business where  fears are conquered creativity reigns. 

It's scary and tiring.
Showing up for your brand day in, day out. Especially when it feels like you're going nowhere.

No one is listening. No one wants to work with you. No one wants to buy from you.

And you blame yourself. For not standing out. For not finding your THING yet. For just not getting marketing or what it takes to grow an audience.

But it can be easy. You can learn how to show up for your brand, and for yourself in a way that's authentic and true - whilst still building a business that funds your dreams.

Wouldn't you love to build a brand that's scalable so that you can spend more time doing all of the things that make you the brilliant person you are, whilst pursuing your passions and building a community of like-minded friends and colleagues?
It is possible.
Let me show you! 

If I can do it, so can you

Success is a journey not a destination

Business can be easy, sustainable, authentic and abundant - all at once

We can achieve anything we set our minds to

Community over competition

I didn't start my business to work as many hours as I did teaching. Or to experience the same kind of stress levels. OR to be told what to do by someone else. I started it because I believe

My passion (and biz) is fuelled by learning, taking action and watching as much Netflix as possible .

It's not just consistent, passive and recurring income that excites me.

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